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-Earth is a family business-

We’re a family of five all learning together.  Mom (Liz), Dad (Noe), Lauren, Butterfly and Ezra. We’re gaining and sharing knowledge daily, and always hungry for more.  We’re always exploring, sharing and helping. We welcome any and all that fit in this arena of natural wellness living.


We are motivated by our desire to nurture our body’s natural ability to heal itself.   We believe that food and diet are the foundation to good health. We also know the gut, “our second brain”, is responsible for the body’s overall health. We offer an organic, fermented tea that has been shown to  support gut health and the immune system. We only use organic/ Non- GMO and sustainably sourced ingredients. We also offer a bottle recycling/ discount because we are environmentally conscious.


Guys!  We were just spending too much money on probiotics; and, come on, apple cider vinegar isn’t that palatable, right?  We’re a family of five, so at $40 a bottle…that’s a tough pill to swallow! We want health, but on a budget. It was overwhelming– brands, strains, etc… So, our research inevitably lead us to kombucha. Look up the benefits.  In ancient China, we read that it’s known as the immortal elixir, or something like that. We’re down for immortality, or as close as we can get to that. Why? Because life is good when you’re healthy, happy and down nature’s path.  Join us; do you have “the gut”?


The youngest member of the boocha family.





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Life is good when you’re healthy, happy, and down nature’s path. Join us, do you have “the gut”?

The Boocha Bar and Taproom
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