Communist China, we’re right behind you.

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Ideas and ideologies, especially when supercharged with fear and duplicity, have immense power over human behavior; the larger the group, the greater their effects. Also known as a memeplex, an ideological virus can literally infect, co-opt and harvest biological resources, including entire species. They spread endoparasitically, not unlike Cordycep spores infecting ants who in zombiefied stupor climb to the perfect site on a tree to be digested and transformed into a mushroom. The afflicted know not what they do. Peer pressure and the memetic nature of how most people learn, imitate, and conform to the behaviors of others, is all that is required. Once “infected” with the idea of COVID, they are in trance, with mask-induced hypoxemia only feeding their madness. The Corona Cult seeks only to amplify itself, as it tolerates no dissenter. This Cult’s newly converted adherents live in a world of ubiquitous infectious threats, and has now itself psychically infected and transformed most of our nation, and a good part of the world, into a new ontological species: Homo Infectus, whose sole identity now revolves around fearing its own body as a lethal disease vector, and now grasping desperately — often completely unconsciously — for any irrational behavior that can simulate a sense of safety, that after generations of manufactured and institutionalized trauma, is no longer locatable or accessible within. The masks, the social distancing — like salutes to ideologies of past — are simply a means of signifying the submission of the body, the mind, and the soul to an Agenda so dark, so massive, so irrational, that those who diverge, or openly apply reason or logic to exposing it as such are increasingly at risk of being ostracized, gaslit, threatened or harmed. See it for what it is. A certain type of socially engineered madness. The global media is the accelerant and medium for the spreading mycelium of this lethal spiritual sickness. Don’t fall for it. It will eat you and those you love alive. #CoronaCult #wedonotconsent #resist #covid1984 Question: Stand up: Inform:

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