About Us

What is Kombucha and why are we making it?

Hi, friends, old and new!  What in the world is kombucha and why are we making it?  We had no idea either (maybe some of you did), but we came across kombucha in our search for implementing probiotics for a healthy gut.  We were buying really expensive probiotics monthly and realized that (like many other things) we could find/ make a cheaper alternative.  Enter kombucha – a fermented tea, made from a culture of yeast and bacteria that can support the gut.  It’s packed full of probiotics = jackpot! A tea, that we can make ourselves, choose our ingredients and support our gut health (among many other health benefits)!  A win-win for our health and our pocket. So, we started our kombucha tea for our family. We felt great and naturally, began sharing with friends and family.  As you may have predicted… everyone loved it, wanted more and provided the demand for our very own brand of kombucha. Maybe you’ve tasted kombucha from a health food store.  Maybe you drink it because you know it’s good for you. Maybe you have never tasted kombucha but want gut health support. We offer a really good tasting fermented tea that offers gut and immune health/ support.  It tastes really good (much better than any store bought) and does so much good to your body. Give us a try! It’s a big plus that we are LOCAL, ORGANIC and FRESH.  Can’t get that in stores (well, not the local and fresh part, right??).

We’re so passionate about our booch.  We love making it; we pour our love into it.  We try flavors. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we’re awesome.  We are always learning. And that makes us, well, us. We welcome visitors, tasters, feedback and suggestions.  We are just part of the growing health and wellness community who is willing to learn, grow, tweak and contribute.  We want to learn and grow from and with you, because, by all means, our health and future depend on it.

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