The Boocha Bar and Taproom

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Meal of the Day

Kombucha of the Day

Happy Hour 5pm-7pm

$1.00 off 9 oz or 12 oz (Dine in)

$4.00 Handrolls


We are now offering Fresh Sushi from Ob_Sushi!!!

As well as Chocolate Goodies from Raw Xocolatl

Our Boocha

Kombucha is a tea fermented with bacteria, yeast and sugar. The fermentation process makes the tea rich in probiotics amino acids, enzymes, vitamins B and C and antioxidants which benefit the heart, brain, immune system and gut.

*We only use organic green and black tea and organic sugar.

Our Kombucha is brewed in house by Noe Acevedo. We are bringing a fresh way to drink kombucha to the valley. Using all organic ingredients, you know what is put into your kombucha.

No additives, Local & Organic!

Our Food

Plant-Based eating has been said to be boost your health, decrease the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers, as well as helping you stay at a healthy weight

Our food is made with mostly organic and plant-based ingredients. It is also made fresh everyday. We also attempt to obtain local ingredients that are in season from farmers in the RGV.

We offer an entree of the day as well as a soup of the day.

Our Products

Made with quality ingredients and materials our products offer you a healthy alternative to your day to day items.

We also offer a variety of items from local venders. We love supporting local and collaborating with individuals in our area. It helps advance our community.

Our Events and Our Collaborations

Our Sushi chef comes in everyday from 4pm-9pm.

Serving fresh, made to order, Vegan sushi art. Using edible flowers from Chachalaca Garden.

Follow him on his social media for more info.

Check out our event page to know what’s going on!

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Click here to find out more about our local collaborations

Get in touch with us for local organic kombucha.

Life is good when you’re healthy, happy, and down nature’s path. Join us, do you have “the gut”?

The Boocha Bar and Taproom